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Updated August 2016. We are a small, active, face-to-face club of board game enthusiasts who meet in Uxbridge in West London.  We have been going for over 15 years.  We play a huge variety of games, often whatever is the newest, or else someone's old favourite, or just what someone brings along. 

Examples include Dominion, Settlers, Kingdom Builder, Village, Imperial, Lords Of Deepwater, King Of Tokyo, Condottiere, Railroad Tycoon, Werewolf, Colossal Arena,  I'm The Boss, Drakon, Billabong, Bang!, Antike, Perikles, Pirates Of Nassau, Apocalypse. 

RoboRally (our own club Team-version) is played fairly often (about once every third session).  But it is about the only one we keep a "league" on, and publish the league here on the site; so this site accidentally looks more RoboRally-heavy than the club really is.

We meet mainly on Sundays, sometimes weekday eves, by mailed-out invitation. There are no fees.  The venue is my spacious house (4 or 5 tables) in Uxbridge, at the end of the Metropolitan and Piccadilly tube lines. 

You have to email me at bobroscow followed by @ and if you wish to get on the invitation list, telling us a little about yourself and your gaming preferences,  If you only click apply on here, you'll get lost in the spam.

You can't join the site if you haven't attended the club, sorry.  We don't tend to play collectable card games, RPG's or online games, at least not at the club.

See also the Welcome Post for more details!





LBGC is moving to Facebook!

Started by Allan Mertner in Welcome and Hellos. Last reply by Bob Roscow - LBGC Founder Sep 14. 4 Replies

Unfortunately, Ning have decided they only want very large communities here, and have increased the minimum price from $20 per year to $588 per year. That means we need to find a new home for our…Continue

Team RoboRally Game 76 of 11 Sept 2016 (Game 2 of 2016 season)

Started by Bob Roscow - LBGC Founder in Welcome and Hellos Sep 13. 0 Replies

Game 76 of 11 september 2016    (Game 2 of 2016 season).    [  I'll post it here AND try to post/copy it onto the new site ]Those ranking 3rd, 4th and 5th on the Eternal League were present, BrettS,…Continue

Team RoboRally Game 75 of 28 August 2016 (Game 1 of 2016 season)

Started by Bob Roscow - LBGC Founder in Team RoboRally Results. Last reply by Bob Roscow - LBGC Founder Sep 2. 3 Replies

Game 75 of 28 August 2016    (Game 1 of 2016 season).The system (1,4,6 versus 2,3,5 on rankings in Eternal League) worked out as:    Friendly Devils                                            Evil…Continue

Anyone here?

Started by Allan Mertner in Welcome and Hellos. Last reply by Bob Roscow - LBGC Founder Aug 20. 6 Replies

We have not yet managed to meet up in 2016 - is anyone lurking here, hoping for some life? Here is some :-)Hoping to see a few replies :)AllanContinue

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Posted by Bob Roscow - LBGC Founder on May 3, 2015 at 13:00 0 Comments

                                                                DOUBLOON                                     BY BOB ROSCOW


Doubloon is a word-puzzle if you play it solo, a word-game if you play it in parallel with one or more others and see who ends up solving it in the shortest number of steps.  It typically takes only 10-30 minutes to actually play, though you can also play each other by…


APOCALYPSE NEMESIS the LBGC version and setup

Posted by Bob Roscow - LBGC Founder on March 20, 2015 at 22:30 0 Comments

"Apocalypse" was a great game invented by a Mike Hayes in 1980 or so, and published around then by Games Workshop.  Dunno if still available.

It had/has some brilliant combat-mechanics:

1)  You never roll dice!  You pick what number you want to have rolled, secretly (and within limits), and the defender has to guess what number you picked on your die.  If he's wrong, he loses a defender; if he's right, you lose that many armies.  There is,…



Posted by Bob Roscow - LBGC Founder on June 6, 2014 at 11:00 0 Comments

                                   LONDON BOARD GAMES CLUB

                             TEAM ROBORALLY                    June 2014                    



Points and leagues add a huge degree of extra interest…



Posted by Bob Roscow - LBGC Founder on June 6, 2014 at 11:00 0 Comments




FULL  RULES   - as at 6 June 2014


This team game is more of a battle than a race!  It is a rare (?) example of a team board game, 3 humans vs 3 humans, with each player controlling 1 robot and tending to take on a different task for the sake of the team.  You can play it 2 vs 2 (or even 4…


A small, active club of board game enthusiasts in the West London area who meet to play face to face.

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